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Sports- Live!

By Joshua Bao

Life at Magnolia Science Academy is now fairly under control. Most problems we faced in the first few weeks have disappeared, and new ideas are flowing in. That includes sports! We have developed Soccer Club, for anybody who wants to learn or play soccer. However, if you are interested, please bring cleats and shin guards, or else you won’t be allowed to play. The Soccer Club had a very exciting soccer game with the teachers on Wednesday, October 6. It was awesome! The teachers and staff who participated are: Mr. Saka, Mr. Marcacci, Mr. Bal/Kerem, Mr. K, and Mr. Schmidt. First, the teachers played small games against rotating teams, and then the final was the boys against the teachers and the girls.
It was a tough match, and I assume everybody had a lot of fun. Mr. Marcacci scored and so did the students. The teachers played exceptionally well- even our best players couldn’t take them that easily! In the end, it was a tie match, 1-1. Everybody went home, but before that, we had a big group picture, with all the participants.

We not only have soccer, but we also have ping pong! Every Friday, we meet in the hallway, to play some ping pong a.k.a. table tennis. If you are interested in trying out for the team to participate in the MSA regional tournament, grab a permission slip from Mr. Saka for more details. We will be staying until seven just like Future City and Lego Robotics.

Team Sports now play different sports, depending on what we play in PE. If you are interested in playing sports or want to get some exercise, come to the PE area after school on Mondays and Thursdays, first session (3:05-3:50).

If you are interested, in any of the above, just come and enjoy!!

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