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Hey Fareen,

One of the 7th graders thinks im trying to show off because I hang out with other 7th graders and they use profanity against me. I can't even get near my friends when they are looking. There are only two people who do this.

Ty, MSA Student Who Rocks =D
Hello MSWR,

There is a word for this kind of behavior and it’s called bullying. And bullying is SO NOT okay. These are some techniques that could possibly help: 
  • Ignore them. 
  • Stand up to them.
  • Arm yourself with a comeback. (Not using profanity) 
  • Ask them while looking them in the eye, why they are bullying you. 
However, for these techniques to work, you must seem confident, calm, and collected. And if these don’t work, or the bullying gets too serious tell an adult. Telling an adult is not tattling, because you are telling them to defend and protect yourself. Good luck.
The Best Advisor in Da World (Fareen)

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