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by Hibah Wasim

On Wednesday, September 29, MSASC had their first school picnic. Many parents helped out for supervising students and games. Some helped with the food. Mostly everyone brought food to share. There were hotdogs and burgers, samosas, and pizza. For fruits there were strawberries and watermelons. There were also chips for snacks. For sweets there were brownies cookies. “The food was really good,” said Anushi Singhal.

The drinks were very cold, which was good for a hot day and the sixth graders who came from P.E. There were juice, soda, and really "cold" water.

After the food, everyone played games. A few days before the picnic everyone picked which activity they would like to do in their SSR period.

One game was the Bean Bag Toss which each classes’ representatives stood in a line and took turns throwing the bean bags five times.

Another game was the egg race. It was that you would have a spoon which had an egg on it and you weren’t allowed to drop or you would have to start all over again.

A game that no one really knew about was the Oreo game. To play, we had to put an Oreo on our foreheads, and then try to eat it without touching it with your hands. It was very fun everyone who played said. The only disgusting thing was that if your Oreo fell down you wouldn’t get a new one. You would just eat it. Some people were cheating which isn’t good. (Don’t you agree?)

A very disgusting game was the yogurt game. In the yogurt game was a pan that had yogurt. In it you had to find a penny. You were only allowed to use your tongue to find the penny. Nick, a boy in 6B got a bloody nose because he was playing this game.

Another disgusting game was Bobbing for Apples. The game was about trying to get as much of apples in 10 seconds with your mouth. The game was disgusting because every time someone put their mouth in the water, the teachers didn’t put clean water in it. Unhealthy!

A game that was fun, but no one really knew how to play was the three-legged race. In it two people tied their legs together and ran.

A game that no one heard of was the Hackie Sack race. To play you have to put a sack in between your legs and run with it. Whoever finishes first is the winner. It was fun and at the same time confusing.

To our conclusion the picnic was great, but also disgusting. Because of this we learned that the rules should be clearer and each teacher should look after only one particular game.

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