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Write a poem or a story that includes all of these words: apple, axe, example, explosion, food, lasagna, me, noise, perpetual, squeaks, work, writing.

The Evil Lasagna
by Unknown

"What kind of joke is this?" I answered. I saw a plate of lasagna that squeaked when it moved. "Me? I am no joke. I am The Exploder. I am indestructible except for one weakness..."

I ran to the side of the room but the lasagna flew onto Mr. Bob's desk. I didn't know food could be so annoying. I tried to chop it, but it stayed whole. For example, I threw an apple, but it exploded. I worked an axe to a point, but the axe exploded (more noise). I thought this would be perpetual. I abhorred this food. Then Mr. Bob sat on it and it screamed, "My one weakness!" I hope this writing piece has warmed you about explosions.

by Jared Gacusan

I had abhorred apples perpetually. They had inflicted the pain of an axe against a bare limb. Like an explosion of pain, apples made noise that made my eardrums bleed. To give you an example, apples hit back like undone work. It tastes like rotten lasagna. It hates me. So I am writing this to soothe the squeaks.

Slice an apple with an axe.
by Bob Marcacci

Slice an apple with an axe
If you're tired of the snacks
And the perpetual food.
Call me lasagna dude
If its noise you abhor
From the squeaks in me door.
This is not an example of work.
If there's an explosion,
Don't call me a jerk.


The First Month of School

by Avni Singhal

We’ve had a very exciting first month of school here at Magnolia Science Academy. No uniforms. Pizza and Subway lunches. And awesome bathrooms! – NOT. But with the staff’s monumental effort, things were under control.

Everything kept on changing and we had no idea of our schedule at the beginning of school. But now, almost all confusions have gotten solved. We have been waiting for our uniforms that mostly came in. The school started a lunch program and started a Parent Club.

We have a great staff. It includes: Mr. Saka (Principal/Character Education), Mr. Bal (Computers), Ms. Bustamante (Art), Mrs. Ramiso (Math), Mr. Marcacci(Language Arts), Mr. Schmidt (Sports), Mr. Karakas (Science), Ms. Ehly (Science), Ms. Stutsman (History), and Ms. Vira Bustamante (Office Manager). Each one of these staff members strive to help us students learn and are very enthusiastic about teaching. They put in great amounts of time to do this.

We have tutoring for all classes allowing us students to get help in whatever subject we need help in. We also have many clubs including Lego Robotics led by Mr. Karakas, Table Tennis led by Mr. Saka, Math and Tech AMSP (Advanced Math and Science Program) led by Mr. Bal and Mrs. Ramiso, Writing Club run by Mr. Marcacci, Future City Club led by Mr. Bal, Art Club led by Ms. Bustamante, Team Sports Club led by Mr.Schmidt and more. Also, many new clubs are coming soon!!!!!



Haiku Chain
Potato ate Death
Flowers bloom when ready
They are ready to fly
They can't fly because they died.
They can fly pretty well

Winter snow sprinkles
Potato ate Ursula
Dog ate banana

Banana eats dog from inside
I like cats, not dogs

Trees die when they grow old

Death comes to those trees very slowly
death is good for trees
living is very bad though
very bad snowfall

Wind blows down a tree
cats blow down a few nice trees
mice hate very nice trees
in the winter when it's cold

love dogs and love cats

the old man is dead
the leaves glide past the street lamp
Potato killed chair
The lard killed nut quickly

The bird choked on the nut.

trees are pretty mean
they are cool but pretty rude
i buried it deep

please ask him not me okay

I am merely without mind

Mongooses suck eggs
a mongoose killed a big snake
The spider eats dogs
Nag eats the bad potato
Bags kill very nice people

Death hung in the air
who cares about death okay
too bad that he's dead
he will decompose with worms
Potato is back

Fall leaves in Autumn

The fog covered the moist air
Moist air is real weird
Moist air makes me real nauseous
I will die on mice

Flowers are pretty

In the meadow, I run here

In the pretty grass
How can grass be pretty right
grass is so nasty

i would rather eat mangoes

fat cat make noisy sounds

shoo cat shoo, no one needs you

Go away to sleep

tea leaf in my mug

death is horrible

Come, we mourn for death

Which covers the misty air
Misty air is nice


Three Exquisite Corpses

The sky appeared red, as a fire burned, smoke obscured the sun. Below the smoke stood a house, as the house burned, a child crawled out. The child held his father's autographed 49ers football in his arms, the only thing he could save from the ruins. He looked across the blackened field, but no one was around. He was starting to get an uneasy feeling about the place. He had run from that place as fast as he could, but he then fell over on his face.

Bob couldn't understand how those spots got on his shirt. People never liked that dirty car. One day, that car was washed and had glistened like a diamond. He could see his reflection on the leather interior. He looked ugly.

Once there was a girl who liked candy. She liked truffles the best. One day she ran out of truffles and didn't know what to do. She said, "Gadzooks!" and collapsed on the kitchen floor crying.