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Magnolia's First Assembly

by Julia Jannon-Shields

Last Friday we had our first assembly. The assembly started with a water balloon toss, four representatives from each class did the water balloon toss. We did the water balloon toss to strengthen the bond in classes and to get ready for the picnic we had Wednesday, September 29th.

Then Mr. Saka, the principal, told us about the uniform policy and that they would be checking for your uniform, belt and appropriate colored shoes starting Monday, September 20th. He also said is students didn't have their uniforms he would call their parents to come and bring it, the only exception is if you didn't receive your uniform.

After the uniform policy it was time to talk about the new lunch rules. Mr. Schmidt (P.E teacher) and Ms. Stutsman (social studies teacher) told us about the rules. During lunch we cannot pass the first three benches by the trees and beyond for safety reasons. The new place to play is the field, Mr. Schmidt will take any of the students who would like to, to the field to play and etc.

To conclude the assembly, each class went to their homeroom teacher to play a game. This was the game: Your homeroom teacher had pieces of paper, each paper had a letter. The first class to put down the letters in order to make the correct word and sit down got five extra credit points on the math test we took that day. The word was magnolia and the winning class was 6B.

Lastly Mr. Marcacci language arts teacher) clapped his hands twice and all the classes said: “MAGNOLIA!!!”

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