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Write a poem or a story that includes all of these words: apple, axe, example, explosion, food, lasagna, me, noise, perpetual, squeaks, work, writing.

The Evil Lasagna
by Unknown

"What kind of joke is this?" I answered. I saw a plate of lasagna that squeaked when it moved. "Me? I am no joke. I am The Exploder. I am indestructible except for one weakness..."

I ran to the side of the room but the lasagna flew onto Mr. Bob's desk. I didn't know food could be so annoying. I tried to chop it, but it stayed whole. For example, I threw an apple, but it exploded. I worked an axe to a point, but the axe exploded (more noise). I thought this would be perpetual. I abhorred this food. Then Mr. Bob sat on it and it screamed, "My one weakness!" I hope this writing piece has warmed you about explosions.

by Jared Gacusan

I had abhorred apples perpetually. They had inflicted the pain of an axe against a bare limb. Like an explosion of pain, apples made noise that made my eardrums bleed. To give you an example, apples hit back like undone work. It tastes like rotten lasagna. It hates me. So I am writing this to soothe the squeaks.

Slice an apple with an axe.
by Bob Marcacci

Slice an apple with an axe
If you're tired of the snacks
And the perpetual food.
Call me lasagna dude
If its noise you abhor
From the squeaks in me door.
This is not an example of work.
If there's an explosion,
Don't call me a jerk.

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