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Haiku Chain
Potato ate Death
Flowers bloom when ready
They are ready to fly
They can't fly because they died.
They can fly pretty well

Winter snow sprinkles
Potato ate Ursula
Dog ate banana

Banana eats dog from inside
I like cats, not dogs

Trees die when they grow old

Death comes to those trees very slowly
death is good for trees
living is very bad though
very bad snowfall

Wind blows down a tree
cats blow down a few nice trees
mice hate very nice trees
in the winter when it's cold

love dogs and love cats

the old man is dead
the leaves glide past the street lamp
Potato killed chair
The lard killed nut quickly

The bird choked on the nut.

trees are pretty mean
they are cool but pretty rude
i buried it deep

please ask him not me okay

I am merely without mind

Mongooses suck eggs
a mongoose killed a big snake
The spider eats dogs
Nag eats the bad potato
Bags kill very nice people

Death hung in the air
who cares about death okay
too bad that he's dead
he will decompose with worms
Potato is back

Fall leaves in Autumn

The fog covered the moist air
Moist air is real weird
Moist air makes me real nauseous
I will die on mice

Flowers are pretty

In the meadow, I run here

In the pretty grass
How can grass be pretty right
grass is so nasty

i would rather eat mangoes

fat cat make noisy sounds

shoo cat shoo, no one needs you

Go away to sleep

tea leaf in my mug

death is horrible

Come, we mourn for death

Which covers the misty air
Misty air is nice

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