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Three Exquisite Corpses

The sky appeared red, as a fire burned, smoke obscured the sun. Below the smoke stood a house, as the house burned, a child crawled out. The child held his father's autographed 49ers football in his arms, the only thing he could save from the ruins. He looked across the blackened field, but no one was around. He was starting to get an uneasy feeling about the place. He had run from that place as fast as he could, but he then fell over on his face.

Bob couldn't understand how those spots got on his shirt. People never liked that dirty car. One day, that car was washed and had glistened like a diamond. He could see his reflection on the leather interior. He looked ugly.

Once there was a girl who liked candy. She liked truffles the best. One day she ran out of truffles and didn't know what to do. She said, "Gadzooks!" and collapsed on the kitchen floor crying.

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