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by Joshua Bao

On Friday, we had our soccer tryouts. The soccer tryouts were to determine who would make our soccer team. The AMSP students were late because they were taking the MATHCOUNTS test, but they still got to participate. First, the students had to do the long run so the coach could test their stamina. After that, they did sprints.

The students practiced all sorts of skills needed to play in a soccer game, except for shooting. The AMSP students came late, but they came in time for the chipping and punting drills. The students also practiced passing, which is really useful in a game. The coaches Ibrahim and Tiffany have posted the results, so please check the bulletin boards. Practices should be on Friday, unless there is rain. All team members must participate including alternates.

Also the ping pong teams have been formed. There is a slight confusion. Unless you are on the basketball team, you can only participate on one team. Many students have quit the soccer team to join the ping pong team. The ping pong teams were formed a few weeks ago, but the last two spots were taken in yesterday’s tryouts. If you have questions, ask Mr. Saka. The ping pong club is every Friday in the hallway, second session.

Our new basketball team started off with a rocky start, but they have straightened out, and are going to the basketball tournament in Oakland next Saturday on the 26th. No spots are available on the basketball team, as the tryouts were a couple of weeks again. Hopefully we win next week, so good luck to the Knights! Students will get ten positive points if they go to a game.

Again, good luck to our basketball team. We should also say good luck to the ping pong team, which is going to a ping pong tournament, and our soccer team. Go Knights!!!

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