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by Joshua Bao

Our school was registered in the MATHCOUNTS test for the Chapter level competition. The MATHCOUNTS competition is designed to help students to get ready for college, and to boost behavior towards math. MATHCOUNTS wants excellence, confidence and curiosity in students. However, not anyone can join. You first must pass the school level test. The qualifying students were separated into the school team and the individual team. The students for the team are: Matthew 7C, Muhammad 7C, and Rohit 6B and Ken 7C. The individuals are: Avni (7C), Joshua and Sonaal (7C and 6B), Logan (7C), Anushi (6B), and Pari (7C). Our team had been preparing for a long time, so we thought we would do well.

To get to the competition, which took place at the San Jose State University, we had to carpool. When we arrived there, we just waited for a while, and then we went inside. They talked about what we would do, and explained the rules. After a while, we went to our test rooms. Ms. Ramiso and Alper, Muhammad’s dad gave us a pep talk, and then we left for the test. The individuals were separate from the team members, so we all said our good lucks, and we left. The test consists of three parts. The sprint round, which had thirty problems to do in forty minutes, the target round which had eight problems to do in twenty four minutes, and the team round which we had ten problems to do in twenty minutes (for individuals is doesn’t count).

When we had finished, we had lunch. There were Togo’s, chips, and a lot of fruit. We had about an hour and a half to eat, so we ate a lot. When we were done, we talked for a while and then went in for the final round, the countdown round. The team members got automatic entry, but only the top individuals went in. None of our school’s individuals made it, but we had a fun time outside. Our team members all went in, but for some strange reason, Matthew wasn’t called until almost the end. While the competition was taking place, we played a sort of hide and seek and tag combined game. All in all, it was a fun experience, and when it was time to go, we were all ready pretty worn out.

I left with Muhammad, and arrived home in the afternoon. I enjoyed our time at the university, and I hope next year we will do better. Although we didn’t make the state level competition, we all have the experience and hopefully we might even make it to the nationals. I hope we will succeed

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