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Grunged Dream

by Angie Gomez
What happens to a dream that grunged?
Does it rot in your in your head for eternity,
Like a bad memory?
Or is it like an idea that physique,
And never came to be?
Does it still cling on to you
Like an infant to their mother?
Or does it crystallized and sugar over
Like a syrupy sweet?
Or haunt  you in your sleep,
Or does take rest along with you.

A replacement poem based on A Dream Deferred
by Langston Hughes 

What happens to a dream deferred?
Does it dry up
like a raisin in the sun?
Or fester like a sore--
And then run?
Does it stink like rotten meat?
Or crust and sugar over--
like a syrupy sweet?
Maybe it just sags
like a heavy load.
Or does it explode?

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