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I am the “Friendship” Poster in Computer Lab...

by Fareen Ali

I believe in friendship. But for so long I haven’t seen or felt friendship in this class. All I see in front of me is gossip and parody. Are these people really friends? Sometimes I can smell blame, lying, backstabbing, and rudeness. I wish for a happier, more peaceful world where everybody got along.  Sometimes, I do see and hear  people laughing with each other, telling funny stories, or helping each other.  But what is really bubbling underneath. Even I am not wise nor smart enough to answer the big question.  Sometimes people are shouting nasty things about others, and many a time they make sarcastic remarks. Perhaps, they do not mean it, but it hurts to see when friends are entirely true or compassionate to each other.

But all I can do is advertise such things, with my friendly pictures and truthful comments. Yet I usually see no one looking at me.  No one paying attention to true friendship .  But all I want is to be paid attention to, for that is my job, my need, and my want.

I can practically taste it: no worries, no gossip, and no mean sarcasm. All I want and suggest is for caring and friendship.

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